A Crunchy, Chocolatey Homemade Treat—Just in Time for Halloween – Max Rappaport

We’ve teamed up with our friends at All-Clad to bring you Pans With a Plan—a series sharing smart techniques, tasty recipe ideas, and all sorts of handy tips for cooking novices and seasoned pros alike. Here, food stylist and recipe developer Max Rappaport shares a crunchy, chocolatey homemade treat just in time for Halloween using All-Clad’s D3® Stainless 3-Quart Sauce Pan (a candy-making must-have).

As a wide-eyed, sweet-toothed kid, no holiday sparked more joy than Halloween. I loved to dress up in costume, of course (most famously as an adorable red M&M in elementary school), but more importantly, I had a ferocious appetite for candy. After a successful night of trick or treating, my friends and I would dump our pillow cases of candy on the dining table, admire our mountain of sweet satisfaction, and begin sorting them according to our favorites. I won’t bore you with the full rankings, but I will tell you that my top candies were always the perfect combination of chocolatey and crunchy.


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