A Porchetta-Spiced Roast Chicken for Smaller Thanksgivings – Asha Loupy

We’ve teamed up with our friends at All-Clad to bring you Pans With a Plan—a series sharing smart techniques, tasty recipe ideas, and all sorts of handy tips for cooking novices and seasoned pros alike. Here, food writer and recipe developer Asha Loupy shares a family-favorite Thanksgiving recipe: crispy roast chicken with porchetta-inspired spices that all comes together in the All-Clad 50th Anniversary D3® Stainless Casserole Dish.

For the last decade, my Thanksgiving guest list has been one name: my mom. No matter how much we love leftovers (and, we do!), even a small turkey is way too big for our tiny family feast. Maybe like me, your table might look a little smaller this year. Even if you’re cooking for a few people, I’m here to tell you, your Thanksgiving can be just as special—and equally delicious, too—without the turkey.


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