The Lumin Edge smart energy system tracks and manages a home’s electricity consumption – Michael Brown

Lumin Edge is different than most of the electricity-tracking systems we’ve seen. Whereas its competitors attach to the wires coming in to your electrical panel from your utility and rely on algorithms to identify which devices are consuming electricity, Lumin Edge uses modules that connect in-line with the power cords for your major electrical appliances and your HVAC system. The modules therefore know exactly which appliances they’re monitoring, and they send this information to a hub that connects to your router. You can monitor this information using Lumin’s smartphone app.

But Lumin Edge goes beyond just reporting electrical consumption. It can turn individual circuits on and off according to rules you define. This enables features you won’t find in similar systems. For starters, it can orchestrate your home’s energy consumption—and its energy production, if you have solar panels and/or whole-home batteries installed—so that you’re always using the most cost-effective source of electricity.

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