What to Do With All Those Extra Egg Whites – Lindsay-Jean Hard

We’re a little obsessed with eggs around here. Okay, a lot. We like eggs for breakfast and dinner. (Honestly, we’ll put an egg on almost any meal.) We’ve talked about how to fry, bake, boil, and poach them. We’ve covered how to separate eggs and how to temper them. Together we’ve learned about the best way to crack an egg, what to do with extra egg yolks, and picked up tips for baking with smaller (or larger) eggs. Now we need to talk about what to do with extra egg whites.

Recently, our community member Undeniably Rachael made a recipe calling for nine egg yolks, and she’s wondering what to do with all of those extra egg whites. Straight from the Hotline, she’s already gotten some egg-cellent ideas. From lemon meringue pie to meringue cookies inspired by our favorite ice cream flavors, here are our go-to egg white recipes for home cooks everywhere.


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