Astra reaches orbit for the first time with LV0007 launch – Emma Roth

Astra’s rocket prepares for takeoff from the Pacific Spaceport Complex in Alaska. | NASASpaceflight

Astra is now on the list of privately-owned space companies that have successfully reached orbit. Its Launch Vehicle 0007 (LV0007), which was carrying a test payload for the US military, took off from the Pacific Spaceport Complex in Kodiak Island, Alaska on Saturday at 1:16AM ET. Following a smooth liftoff, the 43-foot rocket achieved orbit around nine minutes later at 500km above Earth.

Astra just reached orbit! 7.61km/sec at our targeted 86.0 degree inclination at an altitude of 500km. The team worked hard for this. We’re just getting started, folks. #AdAstra

— Chris Kemp (@Kemp) November 20, 2021

“The team’s worked so hard on this for so many years,” said Astra CEO Chris Kemp during a livestream after…

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