Andover Audio SpinSub review: Deeply satisfying vinyl listening thanks to deep, vibration-free bass – Theo Nicolakis

Turntables, and the vinyl records we play on them, are extremely sensitive to vibration. A delicately balanced tonearm with a tiny needle glides inside a fine spiral groove precisely cut into a vinyl platter to reproduce sound that must be amplified twice: First by a phono preamp (to bring the signal to line level) and then by an amplifier or self-powered speakers. Any vibration transferred to the turntable can degrade this process or even cause the tonearm to skip.

Updated November 23, 2021 to report our experience with a production sample of the SpinSub. The company had originally provided us a pre-production sample that produced an audible tone, even when no signal was presented to the sub’s amplifier. We didn’t find the anomaly to be significant enough to deny the speaker our Editors’ Choice award, but we did dock it a half star in our final rating. That sample apparently had a defective amp, because the production sample the company shipped to us—the product that is now available at retail—does not exhibit that problem. As a result, we have updated our review, removed the related con, and restored that half star.

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