Wyze rolls out a web view for live camera feeds, but only for paid subscribers – Ben Patterson

Want to take a peek at the live feeds of your Wyze cams without firing up the Wyze app? If so, good news: Wyze just unveiled a web view for live camera feeds and recorded events, although you’ll need to sign up for Wyze’s paid subscription service to use it.

Still in beta, Wyze Webview made its debut on Tuesday, and it lets you monitor live feeds of your various Wyze cams in a web browser. 

The Live Stream tab shows you simultaneous feeds of your cams in live tiles, complete with audio, or you can expand an individual feed to a full-screen view.

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If you wish, you can organize your cameras into groups and view the grouped feeds in full-screen mode on the web, but for now, you’ll need to perform the actual grouping in the Wyze app.

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