52 Products Our Community Loved (As Much as We Did) This Year – Jada Wong

A big part of my job (okay, like 75 percent) involves learning about new products and brands, and sharing them with all of you. But as much as I love introducing our community to new things, I actually enjoy learning from you all much more. Whether it be through reader comments, recipe contests, holiday gift swaps, and even our FiveTwo line, we’re always looking to our readers to tell us what they like (or really don’t like), what they want to see more of, and what they might want to see less of. That’s why we’re taking a look back at the most popular products that you all bought and loved in 2021, like more than 300 sets of Brooklinen’s crisp percale sheets and 700 Scrub Daddy sponges.

This year, we learned that everyone was rolling up their sleeves to give every inch of their space a deep clean, reimagining their spaces to be more functional and cozy, and (to no one’s surprise) cooking and baking every waking moment. Ahead, 52 products that got your stamp of approval.


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