The Sweetest Things to Dip in Chocolate Fondue – Kelly Vaughan

Winter is the time when chocolate fondue shines, and we are here for it. New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day are the occasions when everyone says, “Oh yeah, I have a fondue pot! I should use it!” It’s romantic and celebratory, plus who wouldn’t want to dip anything and everything in a chocolate waterfall? It also elicits good conversation, like “You have chocolate in your teeth” and “Can you pass me another marshmallow?” Really moving stuff. Ahead, find out how to make our easy chocolate fondue recipe so you can go from thinking “A fondue pot? I will never use this” to breaking it out mid-workday for a sugary pick-me-up.

How to Make Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate fondue can seem intimidating, messy, overly fancy, and not something for the average home cook. But that really couldn’t be further from the truth. For starters, our go-to chocolate fondue recipe calls for only two ingredients: chopped high-quality chocolate or chocolate chips and heavy cream (plus a little bit of salt). You can use dark, milk, or white chocolate, though ideally not all three together. Oh, and you don’t even need a fondue pot to make it! You absolutely can use one, especially because it lends itself to easy dipping, but a saucepan will work just as well.


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