CES 2022: Sengled preps a sleep-tracking Bluetooth mesh bulb – Ben Patterson

Smart home manufacturer Sengled says it’s working on a new Wi-Fi and Bluetooth mesh bulb that will be able to monitor your sleep, track your vitals, and even detect falls.

Sengled touted the upcoming A19 bulb at CES in Las Vegas this week, where it’s also showing off a new picture-synching TV light strip, smart string lights, a portable smart lamp, and a pair of new Zigbee smart sensors.

The “health-monitoring” bulb, which won a CES Innovation Award for 2022, is in the “very early” stages of development, according to a Sengled rep.

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Equipped with a tiny radar, the dual-chip Wi-Fi and Bluetooth mesh bulb will offer sleep tracking along with “select” biometric measurement tracking, including heart rate, body temperature, and other vital signs.

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