How to Make Coffee Every Which Way—From Classic Drip to Pour Over – Kelly Vaughan

I started drafting this guide to making coffee while lying in bed early one morning. I hadn’t had any coffee yet, and I looked across the room wistfully at my coffee machine. (I live in a studio apartment, so yes, my coffee maker and bed are technically in the same room.) I wondered how I could get it to brew itself so that I didn’t have to get up. This article, unfortunately, will not tell you how to do that. But it will tell you how to brew every type of coffee, from dependable drip to fancy French presses and everything in between.

I’m not by any means a coffee snob. I wish I could get myself to slowly pour hot water from a gooseneck kettle over coffee grounds, slowly extracting their flavor, letting the subtle notes of orange and marzipan energize me. I wish I could detect dulce le leche and green apple and tobacco in my specialty beans. I wish I could become a coffee sommelier, able to tell the difference between Italian and Ecuadoran beans. But I’m not that person.


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