10 Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products Your Home Will Thank You For – Nina Bahadur

Like many people, I’ve been cleaning and disinfecting a lot these last two years (and yes, there’s a difference). In addition to hand washing, masking, and social distancing as recommended by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, my new routine also involves regularly wiping down phone screens, laptop keyboards, doorknobs, and light switches to keep general germs at bay. Once you start reading about bacteria, it becomes the only thing on your mind.

While certain products like hand sanitizer or wipes require a specific amount of chemicals and surfactants to be effective, others like kitchen cloths and mop heads don’t. From washable cloths and bamboo dusters to compostable sponges and trash bags, here are 10 eco-friendly cleaning products that can help you produce less waste and become more sustainable—all while you clean.


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