25 DIY Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas You Didn’t Know You Needed – Caroline Mullen

Valentine’s Day has never been the most exciting celebration, especially when compared to the holiday season just-passed (and after all, it often wavers year-to-year depending on romantic status), but it does bridge the gap between January blues and the promise of Spring. As a kid, my mom made Valentine’s Day baskets for us: mine with pink nail polish and mini boxes of Nerds, my brother’s with red socks and heart-shaped Reese’s cups. As an adult, I usually have a glass of wine (or two) and screen Call Me By Your Name on my couch, but I feel like there must be a middle ground between the two..

So this year, I propose we all give Valentine’s Day its due. Whether you’re celebrating Gal-entine’s Day (my personal favorite iteration of the holiday), a long-term love, or a new flame—go all out with some DIY decor. Decor for Valentine’s Day, you ask? Why yes, because the only sure-fire way to get in the mood for a lovey-dovey day is to set the mood for a lovey-dovey day. Plus, we all need something to do and look forward to, right?


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