Abode expands its smart home footprint with a video doorbell and a color smart bulb – Michael Brown

The folks at Abode must have had a busy 2021. The company announced its first video doorbell and an affordable full-color LED smart bulb at CES today. The doorbell joins the Abode Cam 2 we reviewed in August 2021; like that device, you’ll get the most benefit from it by subscribing to an Abode Standard or Pro plan. As such, it’s best viewed as a component in a broader Abode home security system. And there’s nothing wrong with that—we hold those systems in high regard.

The Abode Wireless Video Doorbell is battery powered, which is good news for homes that don’t have existing wired doorbells. It’s enclosed in an IP65 weatherproof housing, meaning its impervious to dust and can withstand being sprayed with a powerful jet of water. It mounts to the wall with a lockable installation bracket that will foil any theft attempt.

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