How to Get Everything You Need to Feed Your Kid From Target  – Hillary Dixler Canavan


From one Eater editor and die-hard Target fan, a guide to buying all your mealtime gear, from high chairs and placemats to bibs and Bambas

When I was pregnant, I found the whole stuff element overwhelming. What did we really need to bring into our little apartment and what would end up just wasting space? As I navigated through those early months of parenthood, I started sharing any expectant friends on a document I kept up-to-date with recommended products and my two cents about things like pacifier usage and sleep training.

And then it came time to feed our baby solid food. Suddenly, it seemed, I had to shop all over again. We needed baby-sized plates and utensils, bibs, and a high chair. Did we also need a baby food maker? (No.) Did we also need a steamer basket? (Yes.) Going from feeding my child bottles to one, then two, and then finally three meals and two snacks a day felt like an absolute paradigm shift. Naturally, I made a whole new tracking document. And it was mostly stuff I had acquired via drive-up ordering from Target.

Whether you’re looking ahead to build your registry or you’re in the throes of starting solids right now (or if you’re looking for a gift for someone who is), just know that you can get basically everything you really need from one place. And if you want someone to talk about this stuff with, my Instagram DMs are open to you. (And maybe I’ll send you those docs, too, but they aren’t as tidy as this article.)


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