Labrador’s Retriever personal robot can make life easier for people with mobility issues or chronic pain – Michael Brown

The phrase household robot conjures images of low-slung appliances scurrying across the flow as they vacuum or mop your floors. The team at Labrador Systems has designed plenty of those, but its new Retriever is designed for a higher purpose: To make it easier for people with mobility issues or chronic pain to remain in their homes.

The robot is designed to function as an extra pair of hands, doing everything from moving up to 25-pound loads from one place to another, to bringing items within reach, or even delivering a snack tray from the kitchen to any other room in the house (provided it’s on the same floor as the kitchen, that is). Labrador is demonstrating the device in its booth at CES, but it has also posted a video demonstration at its website. Labrador Systems CEO Mike Dooley showed us the robot in action during a pre-CES video briefing, and we came away impressed with its capabilities.

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