Masonite’s M-Pwr smart door features both a Ring doorbell and a Yale smart deadbolt built right in – Ed Oswald

Electronic deadbolts and hardwired video doorbells are two of the trickiest smart home devices to install. Masonite, a company synonymous with entry doors—its NYSE stock ticker is DOOR—plans to eliminate the need for new homeowners to ever install either. The M-Pwr exterior smart door it’s displaying at CES 2022 integrates both components right into the door itself—with an assist from Yale Home and Ring respectively.

First announced in March, 2021, the M-Pwr looks very much like your everyday premium fiberglass door, and like other Masonite doors, it’s available in a variety of color and glass options. What sets the M-Pwr apart is the integration of a Ring video doorbell and a Yale smart deadbolt, along with a Yale state sensor than will inform you if the door is open or closed.

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