Sony TV reveals quantum dot OLED and mini-LED backlighting at CES – Jon L. Jacobi

Quantum dot OLED is the latest technology to hit TVs, and Sony’s flagship OLED TVs will be among the first to showcase it under the monikers Bravia XR OLED and Triluminos Max. Pure RGB QD OLED promises brighter images and truer color throughout the luminance range than is offered by the current crop of RGB+W OLEDs. 

The other big news from the company is the introduction of mini-LED backlighting in its new K series LCD TVs, and the Bravia Cam webcam, which will perform ambient sensing as well as facilitate video chat.

QD OLED—RGB supplanting RGB+W

All current consumer OLEDs use a fourth white subpixel to augment the brightness of pixels whose red, green, and blue elements are challenged in the respect. This is known as RGBW, or RGB+W. The problem is that increasing brightness using white washes out colors.

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