TCL TV news at CES 2022: Overall improvements in store later this year, two new plus-size models – Jon L. Jacobi

TCL was vague about its plans for mainstream 2022 TVs, speaking in generalities about more brightness, better contrast, faster refresh rates, and so on across the range. In other words, standard fare for a TV vendor without a lot to show at CES.

The company did however, provide a couple of specifics about the new 85-inch X925Pro—the flagship of the XL series of 80-plus-inch smart TVs. 

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The X925Pro will feature the third-generation of TCL’s mini-LED backlighting technology—OD Zero. OD stands for optical depth; so, basically we’re talking about miniature backlights that are snuggled extra close to the LCD shutters. That should make for less light bleed and greater brightness than we saw in the first two generations.

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