Athom’s Homey Bridge promises privacy-centric home automation – Ed Oswald

Athom announced today that its Homey Bridge smart home hub and companion app will finally be available to U.S. customers, starting on January 18. Athom says its smart home system, which is already available in Europe, was designed with consumer privacy top of mind. The $69 device will be offered for sale at Amazon, Best Buy, The Home Depot, and other big-box retailers.

By their very nature, smart home hubs come to know a great deal about your private life: They know your daily routines, when you’re home and when you’re away, the temperatures you’re comfortable with, how much energy you consume, which rooms you occupy the most, and a whole lot more. If that data is harvested, it can be used to build a profile about you and your family, and that profile can be used for advertisements, targeted marketing, and more. You might have already experienced this with Amazon’s Echo smart speaker, Alexa will sometimes suggest products or services related to your inquiries.

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