Let Me Tell You About My Trash Can (It’s the Best) – Caroline Mullen

I’ve done the separate trash and recycling can thing… and to be honest? It sucks. When I bought my first Simplehuman can five years ago, I wasn’t exactly sure about New York City’s recycling laws (for the record, it’s all bottles and cans in one bag, all paper in another) and I didn’t want to commit to a dual-sided trash can if that wouldn’t totally work. Oh, and I also wasn’t making all that much, and couldn’t really justify a bigger splurge on something I was literally dumping garbage into.

Five years, three apartments, and one better paying job later, I became a Simplehuman trash can convert, and it was finally time to take the dual-sided plunge. Lucky for me, Simplehuman still manufactures the exact dual-sided step can of my dreams, and lucky for them, I’m a real adult now (kind of). Read on for all the reasons I’m shouting about my garbage can from the rooftops—it’s that good.


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