Samsung made a dedicated smart home dashboard, and we want one – Jennifer Pattison Tuohy

The Samsung Home Hub is a one stop shop for your SmartThings home. | Image: Samsung

Samsung introduced its first standalone SmartThings smart home controller at its CES 2022 keynote this week. The Samsung Home Hub is designed to be a central place for a household to control and monitor their smart home without having to buy a $4,000 smart fridge.

The portable, 8.4-inch touchscreen tablet has Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant built-in and will use AI to anticipate what you might need (we’ll see how that pans out). The Home Hub sits vertically in a charging dock and has two microphones and two speakers for hearing notifications and giving voice commands. Based on the images the company has shared so far, it appears to run Android.

Samsung says at launch, the Home Hub will “be able to connect to every product within the…

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