Vizio’s new midrange Elevate soundbar has swiveling drivers that play peek-a-boo – Ben Patterson

Two years after unleashing its flagship Elevate soundbar with drivers that automatically swivel up for Dolby Atmos content, Vizio has announced a mid-rage version of the Elevate with a new, more “subtle” design, plus a more affordable price tag.

Available starting this month, the Vizio M-Series Elevate arrives with a rejiggered version of the rotating drivers that were, until now, unique to the pricier P-Series Elevate.

The newer Elevate ditches the perforated look of the pricier version, which had segments on the left and right ends that visibly swiveled up to bounce Dolby Atmos or DTS:X height cues off the ceiling, or forward to bolster the soundstage for 5.1 and stereo audio.

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