OnePlus Buds Pro gain multipoint support after latest update – Chris Welch

Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge

Multipoint support on earbuds has long been one of Jabra’s hallmarks, but slowly we’re starting to see other brands add the convenience to their buds. The latest is OnePlus, which is adding “dual connection” to its flagship OnePlus Buds Pro with a new firmware update.

Once that update is installed, the Buds Pro will be able to connect to two devices at once, letting you seamlessly switch between, say, listening to music on your laptop and taking a call on your mobile phone.

This functionality is common in a lot of premium wireless headphones but has been much slower to make its way to earbuds. For a long time multipoint was a big selling point for Jabra’s Elite 65t, 75t, and 85t earbuds. But other companies like Anker and JBL have…

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