5 Ways to Give Your Kitchen the Reset it (Probably) Needs – Erin Alexander

We’ve teamed up with Blue Apron to keep dinner interesting—and stress-free as can be. Whether you’re a weekday vegetarian or all-around omnivore, Blue Apron’s ever-changing menus have recipes for every palate. Bonus: Every meal kit you receive comes with exact amount of ingredients you need plus a handy recipe card with step-by-step photos and even a wine pairing recommendation.

When it comes to New Year’s Eve celebrations, I can take them or leave ’em. I’m just as happy to go out and celebrate with a group of friends as I am to spend the evening solo on the couch in my matching pajama set with a good movie and a mini bottle of Champagne (falling asleep before the ball drops, of course). I much prefer New Year’s Day, when the resolutions I made the night before are fresh and full of promise.


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