This Adjustable Pillow Is Why I’m Sleeping So Much Better – Jada Wong

I’m someone who can sleep anywhere—on the subway, in the middle seat of a plane, in a quiet corner of a coffee shop, you name it. But I’m also someone who wakes up never feeling fully refreshed, bright-eyed, or bushy-tailed, and needing a double shot of espresso before I can begin my mornings.

I’ve spent years trying to perfect my sleep set-up—I sleep with smooth percale sheets, I keep my bedroom cool, I fill my diffuser with calming lavender essential oil, and I use blackout shades. Admittedly, I’m on my phone right up until I close my eyes (though my husband would say that I revenge-scroll through social media for a bit too long), but even then, I’m able to fall asleep within minutes. So I could never figure out why I wouldn’t wake up refreshed and ready to go—until I tried the Marlow pillow. Three months later, I’m still looking forward to sleeping with it every night.


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