Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro WiFi review: A smart lock with a healthy facelift – Christopher Null

The first Ultraloq smart lock, released in 2019, was a promising product held back by an incredibly difficult installation process that literally required a hacksaw to complete. Its manufacturer, U-tec, has spent the intervening years smoothing out that installation process—hacksaw no longer required—and has launched an upgraded version, the U-Bolt Pro WiFi. This new model eliminates the need for a separate Wi-Fi bridge to connect it to your home network.

Physically, the U-Bolt Pro WiFi looks nearly identical to its predecessor, with just a few cosmetic changes. The all-black device still arranges its beefy numeric buttons in a ring around a fingerprint reader. Flip the entire front panel down and you can access a traditional physical keyhole as well. A micro-USB port is included for emergency use if its four AA batteries die. The lock’s appearance is unique and unusual, and while it looks somewhat industrial and ominous, I’ve certainly seen worse smart locks.

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