Google’s critical Pixel 6 January update is here – Allison Johnson

The January update promises to fix numerous bugs reported by Pixel 6 owners. | Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales

Google appears to be in the process of releasing a much-anticipated update for Pixel 6 phones. Earlier today, Android expert Mishaal Rahman noted that Google posted OTA and factory images to its developer site for the January 2022 patch. That means anyone can sideload the update to their Pixel phone now, and the official over-the-air update has already started rolling out to some devices (including some owned by Verge staff).

Using the phones’ built-in checker may start the process, and if it doesn’t, sideloading is still an option. However, waiting for the regular rollout instead of doing a manual install may be the best way to go, given the trouble caused by December’s update.

This patch includes numerous bug fixes and a few new…

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