How to Make Cold Brew Coffee—No Equipment Needed! – Food52

Maybe you wait for the summer months to enjoy your coffee over ice. Or maybe you’re someone who has iced coffee all year round. Either way, for coffee fans, there’s no denying how refreshing an iced coffee can be when the weather warms up. But buying a cup of cold brew from the local coffee shop every day adds up, which is why we like to make cold brew coffee at home—and it couldn’t be easier. There are so many different methods for making cold brew—you can purchase pre-portioned packets of cold brew coffee from brands like Grady’s, Chamberlain Coffee, or Stone Street Coffee, which are blindingly easy to use. Just place one steep packet in a large mason jar, fill it with water, and let it sit at room temperature for 12 to 24 hours. While these are by far the most convenient method for making cold brew coffee at home, there are even more cost-efficient ways to do it.

For the least expensive way to enjoy cold brew, turn to other methods like making cold brew coffee concentrate in a French press, which requires nothing more than your favorite coffee grounds and cold water. There are a lot of pricy coffee makers that promise to make delicious cold brew coffee at home, but I promise that you don’t need them, coffee lover.


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