We Heart These Artichoke Recipes – Kelly Vaughan

Artichoke season is here! Join me and jump up and down, please. Artichokes are ridiculously underrated—especially crispy quick-fried artichoke hearts or grilled artichokes topped with salsa verde, which are my two favorite preparations. Whether you’re working with canned and marinated artichoke hearts or fresh artichokes, there are so many ways to cook artichokes (18, in fact!) that you’ll fall in love over and over again.

Our Best Artichoke Recipes

1. Vegan Creamed Asparagus With Artichoke Hearts

Our new favorite spring recipe is so creamy, so cheesy (yet it’s made with no cheese at all!), and remarkably easy to make. “I used miso and artichoke hearts to mimic the salty umami quality of Parmesan cheese, and blended cashews for a smooth texture,” explains recipe developer Nisha Melvani.


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