The Only Tools You’ll Need for DIY Upholstering – Nicole Crowder

Over my years of working in upholstery and furniture design, I have pulled together a finely-honed set of tools that I need to ensure the best results. When approaching DIY upholstery, remember that you don’t need to acquire every tool in the shed all at one time—or even use all of them. While the tools you will need will greatly depend on the level of difficulty of the project or the technique needed for the particular item that you’re working on, my best advice is to acquire what’s useful to you and build your repertoire as you go along.

You don’t need expensive equipment to achieve a clean and well-done finish, either. There are so many industrial supplies and equipment that I have chosen not to acquire because they are cumbersome, expensive, and take up quite a large amount of space. Also of note: when it comes to specialized DIY tools, you can also often rent them for your projects.


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