Silly Sponges Are Just What Your Kitchen Needs – Lucy Simon

As a recent college grad who moved back home to New York City, I’ve been to countless apartment warming parties of friends who trickled into the Big Apple after graduation. When thinking (read: overthinking) about the right gift to bring over to their cozy (read: tiny) spaces, naturally, I came across the ubiquitous bottle of just-expensive-enough wine, a small houseplant with a questionable life expectancy, or a very-likely-to-become-a-fire-hazard candle. Well, here’s where the silly kitchen sponge comes in—it sounds a little wacky, but just hear me out.

They have all the qualities the aforementioned gifts lack, but with added practicality, personality, near indestructibility, and an undeniable sense of humor. Silly, fun, and irreverent, these sponges are the perfect mix of form and function.


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