Anker’s new double-thick MagSafe battery is all about the mAh – Sean Hollister

Image: Anker

If you took one look at the first wave of modular magnetic wireless charging battery humps for the iPhone and thought, “Wake me up when they give us more than one full charge!” — then Anker may have the battery pack for you. The new Anker 633 Magnetic Battery, now available for $80 on Amazon, has twice the capacity at 10,000mAh. That’s enough to charge an iPhone 12 twice or an iPhone 13 Pro up to 1.8 times, according to Anker (via Gizmodo).

Image: Anker
It is not small.

As you can see, attempts at fashion have gone out the window — no chic colors or fancy origami stand from Anker this time. Instead, this utilitarian battery pack boasts a traditional flip-out kickstand and what appears to be an extra USB-A port,…

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