Spotify’s latest venue is a virtual island in Roblox –

Spotify may not offer lossless playback or spatial audio yet, but it does have a new space in the metaverse: a self-described “audio oasis” within Roblox.

Debuting today, Spotify Island is a “paradise of sound” that allows music lovers from around the globe to “hang out” and “explore a wonderland” of tunes, complete quests, and shop for “exclusive merch.”

Spotify says it’s the first music streamer to take up residence in Roblox, the free-to-play sensation that lets you create and share your own games.

Besides simply wandering around the island, Spotify users will be able to “mingle with artists” as well as compose their own tunes using “beat-maker stations” from Soundtrap, an online music creation tool.

Spotify Island will also be rife with Easter eggs as well as collectables, such as a heart-shaped “Like” icon that can be turned in for virtual merchandise.

Visitors to Spotify Island will be able to “portal out” to additional “themed islands” such as K-Park, an “homage to all things K-Pop.”


After scouring the island for curios, visitors to Spotify Island will be able to “portal out” to additional “themed islands” featuring a rotating selection of content. One of the first “themed experiences” will be K-Park, an “homage to all things K-Pop” that will boast the “chance to interact” with artists such as Stray Kids and SUNMI.

Spotify is positioning its island in the metaverse as an “easy opportunity for artists to connect with fans,” and that Spotify’s “portion” of in-game sales will go “directly back to the artists themselves.”

While Spotify may be new to the metaverse, the metaverse is well accustomed to music and blockbuster virtual concerts. Travis Scott kicked off the trend with a massive Fortnite concert back in April 2020, followed by the likes of Ariana Grande and Marshmello, while Lil Nas X upped the ante with a huge Roblox concert that drew more than 30 million visits.



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