The Dreamiest Silk Pajamas for the Most Luxurious Night’s Sleep – Morgan Halberg

Your bedtime routine should be something you look forward to, marking the change between the hustle and bustle of a busy day to the soothing calm before you go to sleep. There are certain rituals that help us make the switch from day to night, whether it’s completing an elaborate skincare routine, taking the time to meditate or reading a few pages of a good book before settling into bed. A comfy and cozy pair of pajamas is of the utmost importance for a quality nighttime routine, and they don’t always get the attention they deserve.

Sure, you don’t *typically* wear pajamas outside of your house, but you spend a whole lot of time in them, and they’re crucial for getting a good night’s sleep. It’s time to elevate your bedtime wardrobe, and what better way than by scooping up a chic pair of pajamas in a silky material? There’s something inherently luxe about anything silk, and you deserve to feel like a pampered princess every night—enter, silk PJs. A sumptuous pair of silk pajamas combines the best of comfort and elegance, making you feel put together even if you’re spending the entire day lazing around on the couch—it’s a far more fashionable option than a tattered pair of sweats!

Silk pajamas are also a great option for anyone with skin sensitivities, since they’re often hypoallergenic and won’t irritate reactive skin, much in the way that a silk pillowcase is ideal for those of us with acne-prone complexions. Silk PJs come in countless colors and silhouettes, whether you’re looking for a classic long-sleeved set, a flirty teddy or a simple slip. Below, see the dreamiest silk pajamas to shop now.

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