15 Best Midnight Snacks for When You Just Can’t Sleep – Kelly Vaughan

If you can’t sleep, you may as well snack! Whether you’re nibbling on something sweet just before bed or your never-ending to-do list is keeping you from counting sheep, these 15 sweet and savory snacks will give you something delicious to dream about. There are protein-packed options like trail mix, quick hummus, and a crispy blend of lentils and pepitas. Plus, three-ingredient peanut butter cookies, made with peanut butter, fruit jam, and eggs which totally count as a protein-packed snack IMO.

If you want something that’s all-around salty and savory, choose from buttered popcorn, a Japanese-inspired Chex Mix snack, or a spicy grilled cheese sandwich (for the nights when you’re really hungry). Here’s to you, fellow night owls—your secret is safe with us.


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