How to Decorate Your Kitchen Counter—Without Sacrificing Space – Caroline Mullen

Ah, the kitchen counter—the final decor frontier. Even after the walls, windows, and cabinets have been updated, it seems daunting to decorate a space that seems so strictly functional. It’s a decidedly utilitarian part of the home, intended for chopping things, holding drippy dishes, and dough-rolling. Bits of decor that make it to the counter often feel superfluous—or run the risk of getting splattered with cooking oil. How then, does one make the counters as intentional as the rest of your home, and without losing precious space?

First, ask yourself what you can get off the counter and into a different storage zone. The sides of the fridge, inside the cabinets, and above the stove are just begging to be used. Second, corral the rest of the clutter into trays and baskets to keep it as contained (and hidden) as possible. Finally, add a few decorative elements in here and there (having good-looking and functional objects like crocks, cutting boards, and dish racks also helps)


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