The Best Pizza Stones for Grilling Crispy, Crunchy Pies – Remi Rosmarin

Pizza has always been one of my major food groups. My dad would treat me to post-game pies to get through hours on the soccer field as a teen, and years later, I would take myself out to get over a hangover with dollar slice combos too often to count when I lived in Manhattan. I’ll travel far and wide for a good slice, but lately, one of my favorite places to get pizza is somewhere I don’t have to travel to at all: home.

My life changed when my dad got a pizza oven recently. Now, I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad slice of pizza—the trifecta of bread, tomatoes, and cheese can do no wrong—but perfecting your dough stretching skills and choosing toppings just makes every pie taste a little more special. Plus, it’s really fun and all you need is a reliable pizza stone and your grill (or just your oven!).


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