10 Clever Tricks for Transforming Store-Bought Pizza Dough – Rebecca Firkser

Nickel & Dine is a budget column by Rebecca Firkser, food writer, recipe developer, and expert budgeter. This time, Rebecca is teaming up with our friends at Walmart to share tips for easy summer entertaining, featuring her signature flavor-packed, time-saving recipes plus a few of her must-have hosting items from Walmart—order ‘em online for pickup or delivery.

I’d like to shake hands with whoever was the first to sell pre-made pizza dough. Though not particularly complex to make from scratch, DIY pizza dough is time-consuming (mostly due to rising and resting) and sometimes, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day. And even when I do technically have the time I don’t always want to wait—there are far too many tasty treats to be made with pizza dough. From pigs in a blanket to quiche crust, store-bought pizza dough can be so much more than, well, pizza crust.


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