The Front Yard Design Trend That Puts Friendliness First – Caroline Mullen

A couple years ago, outdoor spaces were largely a “nice to have” on home wishlists. Sure, it would be lovely to clink glasses on a balcony, or spill out onto the patio on a summer night, but other features often won out. Most of us have come to realize that an outdoor space—particularly one that’s attached to your house—can be hugely impactful on mental health, our ability to socialize, and creating a home base that really ticks all the most important boxes.

It’s no wonder, then, that landscape and outdoor design firms have been inundated with projects, transforming once-neglected yards into oases for relaxing, gathering with loved ones, and simply living in—much like we do inside our homes. While chatting about this idea of creating outdoor living spaces with Kevin Lenhart, ​​landscape architect and design director at Yardzen, he mentioned that “social front yards,” were an emerging trend among their clients—and I was intrigued.


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