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The Yeedi Vac Max offers solid features, but its tendency to get stuck on obstacles hampers its performance.

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The inclusion of “max” in the name of the Yeedi Vac Max apparently indicates it is the “most powerful Yeedi vacuum & mop.” It’s not clear what gives the Vac Max that distinction, though.

In terms of suction, the Vac Max is no more powerful than the Vac Pro 2 we reviewed recently—both top out at 3000Pa. And if power is the sum of a product’s advanced technology and convenience features, the Vac Pro 2— with its 3D Obstacle Avoidance and oscillating mopping system—still has the stronger claim to that title. I figured after a week of use I would discover the secret to the Vac Max’s power, but ultimately it revealed itself to be a unremarkable if capable budget vac.

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Yeedi Vac Max design

Cosmetically, there’s little difference between the Vac Max and the Vac Pro 2. Each has a 3D visual SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) sensors on top to help them map and navigate the room, and they share the same white finish with a top-lid design that hides the dustbin.

But there are some crucial performance differences thanks to the technology under the hood. Both models can vacuum and mop, but the Vac Pro 2’s oscillating mopping system actually scrubs dirt away, while the Vac Max uses the more conventional robot-mop method of dragging a damp cloth across the floor. The Vac Pro 2 also deftly avoids collisions with shoes, toys, and other small items on the floor. The Vac Max struggles to skirt around even the biggest obstacles.

Yeedi Vac Max setup

Setting up the Vac Max is a simple process done through the Yeedi app. You scan the QR code under the vacuum’s lid, and the app then finds your Wi-Fi and prompts you to log in.

Once it’s connected, the vacuum has to run a complete cleaning cycle to build a map of the room. Oddly, the app doesn’t show you map-building in real time; instead, it just displays a message that reads, “Cleaning in progress.”

The Vac Max includes a 240-ml water tank in the back for mopping.

Michael Ansaldo/IDG

As noted, it’s important to clear your floor of any clutter before running the Vac Max or it may get stuck. That’s true of any robot vacuum, of course, but the Vac Max had a higher propensity for getting ensnared by small items than other vacuums I’ve tested in the same room. Some big items were problematic, too. I finally had to remove a pedestal fan from the room after several collisions, suggesting that the Vac Max couldn’t figure out a way to get around it. These constant pauses stretched the first cleaning cycle of my downstairs level, which typically takes about 30 minutes for a robot vacuum to cover, to more than an hour.

Once you have a complete map, you can label rooms and set virtual boundaries to keep the Vac Max out of areas you don’t want it to clean. The app also lets you schedule automatic cleanings, set cleaning preferences, adjust vacuum power, and track your cleaning jobs.

I had the Vac Max perform daily cleanings of my downstairs level, which is a mix of carpet and hard floors. It had no issues transitioning from one type of floor to another and did an equally good job of sucking up dirt, crumbs, and pet hair from each, thanks in part to the carpet recognition feature that automatically boosts suction on carpeting. But the vacuum had a habit of taking multiple passes over some spots and completely avoiding others. That, along with the frequent obstacle avoidance issues, often left parts of the floor uncleaned.

The Vac Max uses mapping navigation but has trouble getting stuck on obstacles.

Michael Ansaldo/IDG

Yeedi Vac Max mopping

To mop your floors, you remove the 240 ml water tank from the back of the Vac Max and fill it with tap water. Then you clip a mopping pad to the bottom of the tank and reinsert it in the vacuum. You can choose from three water-flow levels in the app to adjust the mopping to your floor’s needs. I settled on the middle option, as the low setting didn’t provide enough moisture to do any good, while the high setting soaked the floor. You’ll also want to set virtual boundaries around any carpeting in the room, as the Vac Max doesn’t support carpet recognition.

If your floor has a lot of grime or deep stains, don’t expect any miracles. The mopping module simply gives the floor a damp wiping without any agitation to lift dirt and stains. It easily removes surface dirt, but you’ll still need to attack stubborn spots with a stick mop.

Yeedi Vac Max app

The Yeedi app simplifies control of the Vac Max and is intuitive to use. The current map is displayed at the top of the main screen, while widgets displaying the various cleaning details and controls are stacked beneath. You can monitor the usage of the vacuum’s brushes and filter in the app’s Settings menu.

The Yeedi app allows you to control the Vac Max, set cleaning preferences, and track the usage of the brushes and filter.

Michael Ansaldo/IDG

Yeedi Vac Max: Is it worth the cash?

Its misleading moniker aside, the Vac Max is a solid cleaner for the money, but its apparent trouble detecting obstacles and penchant for getting stuck can require too much babysitting, which negates the whole automated cleaning experience.

If affordability is a top priority, it’s worth checking out our current budget pick, the Wyze Robot Vacuum, which offers similar features and better obstacle avoidance. The Wyze vac is currently available directly from Wyze Labs for roughly the same price as the Vac Max.

Wyze Robot Vacuum


$249.99 when reviewed March, 2021. Price as of May 3, 2022: $274.99 (plus shipping)


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