I No Longer Stress About Family Finances. Here’s Why

So life is good. Your family has a comfortable income and a manageable lifestyle to go with it. The kids are healthy and busy with fun activities, and though you occasionally complain about the hectic schedule, you really wouldn’t have it any other way right? But what if you tragically lost it all? Stop the […]

Southwest Companion Pass – How Business Owners Can Easily Qualify – TJ Porter

Southwest Airlines’s Companion Pass lets a guest fly with you for free. How does the program work, and how can you qualify for this lucrative benefit? Learn more about taking full advantage of the Southwest Companion Pass, especially if you own a small business or side hustle. Southwest Companion Pass – How Business Owners Can […]

TurboTax’s Experts Could Help You Take Taxes Off Your To-Do List — and Get the Most Out of Your Return – (Kari Faber)

Tax season is here again. And based on what 2020 threw at us, it may feel like filing our taxes is going to be even more complicated than usual. Which is why there is no shame in calling in an expert to help navigate the murky waters of your 2020 tax returns. You don’t even […]

OhmConnect Sends You Cash for Cooking Dinner on the Grill – (Mike Brassfield)

It’s time to cook dinner, and you’ve got a decision to make: Do you use the stove, or do you go outside and cook on the grill? What if someone paid you to choose the grill? Would that make a difference? Here’s the thing: You’re not the only person in your area cooking dinner. And […]

OhmConnect Will Pay Californians to Skip Laundry Day – (Kari Faber)

As if you needed another excuse to not do the laundry today, here’s a totally valid one — Californians can actually make money for skipping a load. How? Well, just by wearing your jeans a third (or fourth) time, you’d be giving the energy grid a break. And one company wants to say thanks — […]

How to Fight Back Against the Companies That Ripped You Off in 2020 – (Kari Faber)

As if the pandemic didn’t take enough from us, there are companies you are using right now that are totally taking advantage of you. Some in a really big way, and most you had absolutely no idea were pulling the wool over your eyes. But you’re no sucker! Now that you know, you’re ready to […]

Braintree vs. PayPal: Which Is Right for Your Business? – Meredith Wood

Braintree and PayPal are both reliable payment service providers (also known as PSPs) that allow businesses to accept payments online via e-commerce stores. Overall, if you want the most customization possible for no additional fee, Braintree is the better option of the two. On the other hand, PayPal (or, more specifically, PayPal Payments Standard) is… […]

How to Open a Gas Station: A Step-by-Step Guide – Dan Marticio

Have you ever wanted to open a gas station but kept delaying it because you didn’t even know where to start? While starting a business can be a complex process, and opening your own gas station does have a few unique challenges you should be aware of, this shouldn’t discourage you from feeding your entrepreneurial spirit…. […]


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