I No Longer Stress About Family Finances. Here’s Why

So life is good. Your family has a comfortable income and a manageable lifestyle to go with it. The kids are healthy and busy with fun activities, and though you occasionally complain about the hectic schedule, you really wouldn’t have it any other way right? But what if you tragically lost it all? Stop the […]

Don’t Move to Another State Just to Reduce Your Taxes – Jerry Golden, Investment Adviser Representative

We know lots of friends who are considering moving from a high-tax state, such as New York, to a state with low or no state income taxes. They think they will end up with more money, although they are torn because they may also be moving away from family and friends just to escape state […]

COVID’s Financial Toll Isn’t What You Think – Jason R. Cross, CFP®, CTFA

Just a few years ago, Rose retired with a decent-sized 401(k). With some careful budgeting and a part-time job, her retirement finances were on track. Rose was looking forward to traveling, reigniting her passion for photography and spending time with her son and her grandkids. The pandemic changed everything. Her son contracted COVID-19 in the […]

Fidelity Bonds: What They Are, How to Get One – Rosalie Murphy

Fidelity bonds are insurance policies that protect a business’s finances in case an employee steals from the business or commits fraud. Fidelity bonds are also known as employee dishonesty insurance. You can buy a fidelity bond on its own or as part of a commercial crime insurance policy. Consider purchasing this coverage if your employees… […]

Student Loan Forgiveness Programs That Discharge or Reduce Debt – Sarah Graves

While mass student loan cancellation from the federal government could still be a reality, it also may amount to nothing but wishing and hoping. Fortunately, plenty of programs already exist to help you eliminate your student loans. The post Student Loan Forgiveness Programs That Discharge or Reduce Debt appeared first on Money Crashers. Read More

If You Find This Thrift Shopping, Buy It – Kentin Waits

Rishiken / Shopping thrift stores, flea markets and estate sales can be overwhelming. With the sheer volume of stuff, how do you know where to start? How do you spot gems amid all the junk? As a professional reseller who has been combing through thrift stores for the better part of 30 years, I […]

What Is a Margin Call? Definition and How to Avoid One – Sabrina Parys

Margin trading allows investors to purchase securities, such as stocks, with borrowed money. The hope behind the gamble is simple: A loan increases your purchasing power, which can magnify your gains. But what happens when the investments you made with the money you borrowed aren’t doing so well? For starters, you might get what’s called… […]

7 Mistakes Guaranteed to Ruin Your Retirement – Maryalene LaPonsie

Andrey Burmakin / How’s that retirement fund going? If you’re like a lot of workers, you may have doubts about whether you’ll have enough money tucked away to avoid spending your final years living on ramen noodles. Just 28% of respondents said they were “very confident” they would have enough money for a comfortable […]

Use This New Tool to Check Any Home’s Wildfire Risk – Chris Kissell

Vadim Axel / Planning to buy a home? A new online tool can help you gauge the property’s risk of damage from a wildfire. The First Street Foundation Wildfire Model, announced this week, is billed as the “only nationwide, probabilistic, climate adjusted, peer reviewed, property specific wildfire risk model for properties in the contiguous […]


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