Get Paid to Work Out! How to Become an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer in as little as 4 Weeks

This year we’ve seen a radical shift in how we live, work, and play…and there’s no better time to take charge of your life! Now is the perfect time for new beginnings. That’s what ISSA, or the International Sports Sciences Association, is all about: giving you the opportunity to pursue all those dreams that you’ve […]

Jonathan Shugart, Founder of B Charitable, Explains How Anyone Can Be A Philanthropist – Peter Page

Jonathan Shugart believes most people are fundamentally charitable, but as a former tax attorney he knows the difference between an ordinary person slipping a dollar to a homeless guy and a very rich person setting up a charitable foundation. Without wandering too far into the weeds, the one major difference is that the very rich […]

The Awakened Mind: How to Optimize Your Brain Waves for Higher States of Consciousness – Conscious Lifestyle

The Awakened Mind: How to Optimize Your Brain Waves for Higher States of Consciousness BY DAWSON CHURCH, Ph.D. photo: pawel szvmanski Share:653 0 779 The Communicating Brain: Clapping “the Wave” I travel to New York often, and I love going to see Broadway musicals. When The Book of Mormon opened, I was one of the […]

Attorney Geoffrey Morgan Demystifies SPACs – Peter Page

Maybe the stock market has to be bewildering, or else why would we pay professionals to explain it to us? If you are still struggling to grasp the difference between a derivative and meme stock, add this to your struggles: SPACs versus IPOs. Happily, you don’t have to hire someone to explain the details because […]

Investing in LatAm Entrepreneurs to Transform Society – Loralyn Mears PhD

Life doesn’t always go as planned – just ask this woman in tech. She’s one of a growing number of serial entrepreneurs. She’s also an investor and guest of our Grit Daily News Like a Boss podcast. She holds Master’s degrees in computer science and science entrepreneurship. Meet Consuelo Valverde, founder and managing partner of […]

Linqto to Host Global Investor Conference on June 22nd – Sarah Marshall

Linqto is set to host its quarterly Global Investor Conference on June 22nd. The 10-hour event is free of charge and offers panel discussions from top-level venture capitalists, CEOs, attorneys and experts from a variety of fields. The virtual gathering aims to allow investors to network and discuss future tech investments and market trajectories. Topics […]

Easy DIY Muffin Liners From Parchment Paper – Tracy Dahl

The post Easy DIY Muffin Liners From Parchment Paper appeared first on Penny Pinchin’ Mom. INSIDE: See how to make DIY muffin liners using parchment paper and a few basic tools you have around the house. I was making muffins a few weekends ago and realized — after my toddler had already mashed up the […]


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