The Best Locations in the World for a Casino Tourist – Melvin

Casinos are popular entertainment hubs for people around the world. Whether you want to win big, socialise or casually pass the time, casinos can be your best friends! Despite online casinos marking their strong presence in the market, the fascination for a physical casino has not died down. The allure about setting foot in a […]

Travel ban – Travel Out of Nigeria to the UK, Canada through The Republic of Benin – travelwaka

Since covid 19, there has been a series of travel bans on Nigerian travellers. With the recent Omicron variant, more countries have joined in the travel ban. The latest are Canada, the United Kingdom (UK) and Saudi Arabia. For the many parts of this year, Dubai placed a ban on Nigerian travellers coming into their…Read […]

The Best Photography Gloves for Winter – Review of Vallerret Photography Gloves – Laurence Norah

As a professional photographer with a passion for landscape photography, I spend a lot of time outside. I love taking photos in wintery conditions, and having the right photography gloves for winter and cold weather photography is really important. That’s true whether I’m shooting in the snow, taking pictures of the Northern Lights, or just…Read […]