Green Goddess Salad Dressing – Katie Wells

Ever heard of green goddess salad dressing? I’d heard of it, but never paid too much attention to what it was because it just seemed kind of weird. Turns out it’s a super simple, fresh, and delicious dressing that makes use of spring and summertime garden herbs. Since I make a lot of my own salad […]

Antioxidant in Dark Chocolate Helps to Improve Skeletal Muscle Function – ShapeAble

A study has revealed that individuals having advanced heart failure as well as diabetes type 2 exhibited improvements in mitochondrial structure following 3 months of consuming dark chocolate bars and epicatechin (a flavonoid present in dark chocolate) enriched cocoa.[1] The research studied 5 profoundly ill individuals having serious damage to skeletal muscle mitochondria, the components […]

FDA and CDC Recommend Pausing COVID-19 Vaccination With J&J-Janssen Shot While They Investigate Blood Clot Risks – Alice Park

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are recommending that vaccinations with the Johnson & Johnson/Janssen COVID-19 vaccine be temporarily halted while the agencies review reports of blood clots among vaccinated people. On April 13, the two government agencies issued a joint statement announcing a recommended pause as federal […]

The Definitive Cute-Sandal Guide – Elise Loehnen

EMME PARSONS SANDALS, goop, $395 The Definitive Cute-Sandal Guide One editor recently compared sandal shopping to buying a car: There’s the make and model to consider (“Should I stick with what I know or try something new?”), the longevity question (“Will it last 100,000 miles?”), and the does-this-fit-my-lifestyle debate (“Am I really a convertible person?”). […]


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